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Why your yacht,buoy,ship needs our solar light

Source: | Updated: Jun 30, 2016

For yacht: it can play a warning role in preventing collisions and accidents.


For buoy: the warning effect, and can guide the ship at night to sail on the channel.


For ships: in addition to the basic warning role.Specific location, with specific color and angle,there are specific provisions.


For example, larboard light RED (112.),starboard light GREEN (112.), masthead light white (225°),as shown in the picture,and so on.


We have been engaged in solar lights for 17 years and have been exported for more than 11 years.Products visual range can up to 8NM now.Higher than the IALA standard


So we can be more professional to provide better products and services to you.


Our solar lights, not just energy saving and environmental protection,and more efficient products, but also to help you reduce the risk from the sea.


When you choose us,believe you will find our goods are excellent value for money.


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